Transitioning from Meditation to Contemplation

6 hours

In this short course we consider the transitional period from meditation to infused contemplation. This stage is often misunderstood. Unfortunately, because many people are unaware of what is happening at this stage of the spiritual journey, they are not able to advance. In this course we explain how to recognise when a person is entering into this transitional stage from meditation to contemplation and the best ways in which to cooperate with the work that the Lord is doing within the soul.

This course meets on Wednesday mornings & Wednesday evenings, from 9am-11am & 7pm -9pm, UK time. You can choose to attend either the morning or the evening session.

The evening is a repeat of the morning session so you can choose each week which time suits you best. Come in morning or evening, or if it helps your learning experience come to both! (at no extra cost)

Course Dates: TBD