The Virtuous Life & Freedom in Christ

2 hours

In this short course we shall examine how the practice of the virtues leads one to a life of true freedom. We shall also consider the important link between the virtues and Evangelisation. It is not extraordinary experiences which makes great saints, but rather a life lived out in virtue. Living a virtuous life will lead us to freedom, it will help us to grow in holiness, and it will help to have peace, deep peace within our soul.

This course meets on Wednesday morning & Wednesday evening, from 9am-11am & 7pm -9m, UK time. You can choose to attend either the morning or the evening session.

The evening is a repeat of the morning session so you can choose  which time suits you best. Come in morning or evening, or if it helps your learning experience come to both! (at no extra cost)

Date: Wednesday 4th December 2024.