Long Courses

Transformed by Grace
Enlightened by Truth
Inflamed by Love

  • Learn to understand the writings of the Saints, and ways of authentic Christian prayer, meditation, and contemplation.
  • Discover the connections between the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, contemplative prayer, and the various aspects of Spiritual Theology, so that you can recognize these in the lives of the Saints and your own life..
  • Identify the signs of growth in holiness in the Saints and be equipped to recognize those same signs in yourself, and in your students, and spiritual directees.
  • Recommended for religious formators, parish lay workers, teachers, parents, young adults, and everyone interested in the path of prayer and the journey of the soul toward union with God.

Once you have registered and made your payment you will receive an email on the evening before each lecture/discussion session, with the link for the next day’s session.

On the first day of a course, there will be an optional test meeting 15 minutes before the start of the session – for anyone who wishes to practice clicking the link and making sure they can see and hear without any problems.  At the time of the session, to “enter the meeting room”, you simply click the link in your email, follow the directions, and you are in!  There is no need for any advanced computer or technical skill.

Real-time Interactive Participation

Once you are in the “meeting room”, you can see and hear everything.  To ask questions, or participate in the discussion, you simply un-mute your microphone (or you can opt to just listen).  We prefer everyone’s web-cam to be turned on, so that we’re all visible to each other, but you can opt to turn off your web-cam if necessary. You can ask questions, contribute to the discussion, and participate just as you would if you were onsite – all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Following each session, notes will be emailed to you.
  • 24-hour email, and access to your tutor by phone or Zoom by appointment.

In Case You Miss a Lecture on one of our long courses

As with any discipline, a certain time commitment is necessary in order to learn effectively.  Nevertheless, we understand that there will be times when you might be unable to attend a lecture. When this happens, you can contact your course lecturer as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for you to learn the material covered in the lecture you missed.  You will be provided with the resources necessary, so that you do not have major gaps in your learning.

Bursaries available