The Gift of Wisdom According to St Thomas Aquinas Shown in the Life of St Thérèse of Lisieux : God’s Little Martyr of Love

St Thomas Aquinas’ theology provides the essential principles necessary to understand the spiritual life. In this work the teaching of St Thomas regarding the supernatural gifts, particularly the gift of wisdom, is applied to the practical life of a soul, in this case St Thérèse of Lisieux. We explore how Thérèse reaches the highest stage in the spiritual life, the transforming union, at such a young age. We look at her life of prayer and explain how she is indeed a great mystic, even though she has very few extraordinary experiences. Through the gift of wisdom, St Thérèse is brought to the point of desiring to suffer for the salvation of souls, and ultimately to imitate her cruciform Lord by dying as a martyr of love. The term martyrdom of love – which is very different from bloody martyrdom and white martyrdom – is used by St John of the Cross and St Francis de Sales (both Doctors of the Universal Church). Even though Thérèse has tuberculosis, it is actually an impetuous wound of love which tears through the thin veil which is keeping her soul from flying off to God. At the age of 24, and with an ardent desire to die as a martyr of love, Thérèse’s desire is finally fulfilled. Love tears through the veil of her life and carries her off to the Bosom of her most Beloved Spouse where she now intercedes for us, as she says, “I will do greater works from heaven.”

Pages: 385

B&W 5.5 x 8.5 in or 139.70mm x 215.90mm Perfect Bound on Cream w/Gloss Lam

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